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Drug for women’s diseases

The drug has an effect of Pohyolhaenghyol (effect of promoting hematogeous function and improving blood circulation) and for treating deficiency of blood and cruor.
It is efficacious for irregular menstruation, sterility, menopausal disorder, autonomic ataxia, illness before and after childbirth.
According to clinical examination, it has been proved that it shows a good effect of protecting radiation and contains a lot of microelement.
In addition, it exhibits remarkable efficacy on nervous headache, massage and dysfunction of corpus luteum.
Dosage and adnibistration:
Radix Angelicae Gigasi, Radix Ligustici, Radix Paeoniae, Rhizoma Rehmaniae and honey.
5-7 pills in a dose, three times daily.
Packing: 1g×75 pills/bottle
Product of Korean prescription