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Renowned traditional drug for protecting kidney

It has such splendid effects as Jaumbosin (effect of improving vigor) and Risuchongyol (effect of promoting urination and reducing the fever).
It takes good effects on debility and myasthenia owing to weakness of kidney, pain in the waist and joint, vertigo, tinnitus, nocturnal pollution, cold sweat and strangury.
It is also efficacious for acute and chronic nephritis, hypertension, neurasthenia, hyperlipemia, diabetes, chronic wasting diseases, chronic hepatitis, chronic prostate gland disease and immature agglutination of fontanel.
Dosage and adnibistration: Extract of Rhizoma Rehmaniae, Fructus Corni, yam, Rhizoma Alismatis, Poria, Radix Paeoniae and honey.
4-7 pills in a dose, three times daily.
Packing: 1g×75 pills/bottle
Product of Korean prescription