Yangchunsamrok Capsule

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Korea Mangyong-Sogam Trading Corporation

Remarkable remedy for impotency

Yangchunsamrok stimulates the central nervous system to enhance mental and physical strength, intensify gonad function and prolong the erection of the penis.

Dosage and adnibistration:

Koryo insam, antlers of the deer, Rhodiola Elongata, Sildenafil citrate, Radix Ligustici, Radix Rehmaniae, Cortex Cinnamomi, Fructus Schizandrae, Fructus Lycii and arginic hydrochloride.

2-3 capsules in a dose, once in a day. It is recommended to take 30 minutes or an hour before sexual intercourse.

Packing: 0.45g×10 capsulesx1 blisters/box