Natural HepaHerb Capsules

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Chonyon Health Products Company

[Indications]It cures fatty liver, acute and chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, drugs and alcoholic-related liver diseases, jaundice, cholecystitis, gallbladder ataxia, gas in the bowel and loose bowel.


-Through smooth meridian circulation inside human body, this capsule removes solid feelings inside stomach, unpleasant feelings, loss of appetite and trouble with digestion caused by liver trouble and bile duct trouble. It, therefore, ensures smooth circulation in liver and spleen, thereby increasing functions of bile duct and stomach and improving the function of circulatory system inside human body.

-It revives liver function and promotes secretion of bile, thereby proving good effects on liver troubles.

-It cures indigestion and bloated stomach caused by liver troubles. This capsule is also good for trouble with gas and produces clear urine and removes backache.

-It has strong effects on detoxifying liver caused by alcohol. Especially, the intake of this capsule after drink will result in neutralization within 30 minutes, leaving clear head and preventing danger by liver damage.