Natural GastroPancreoHerb Capsules

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Chonyon Health Products Company

[Indications]The capsule is recommended for treating acute gastritisandgastritis hyperacida, stomach and duodenal ulcer, stomach debility, gastric ptosis, acute colitis in small intestine, chronic colitis in small intestine, pancreas troubles, spleen troubles, trouble with wind, constipation, diarrhea, debility, diabetes, etc.


-It protects stomach, improves appetite, strengthens movement of stomach and intestines and activates digestive liquid inside stomach and thus raises the function of digestion and absorption.

-It cures pimples and rash caused by theinternal organs.

-It accelerates thegrowth and development of children and helpstheirhealthy and strength.

-It circulates and normalize the swelling pancreas and spleen, also eliminates hyphedonia and thus makes hands and feet warmer, and so on. This capsule is a specific Korean traditional one as it removes the root causes of all diseases as it improves and balances blood circulation of the whole body, which is different from other drugs that relieves only symptoms.