Noodle and Rice Cake

The factory produces noodles and bar rice cake by means of modern equipment and freezing facilities.


Typical wines from the factory are: Chilbosan Songi Mushroom Wine whose main raw material is songi mushroom from Mt. Chilbo, a scenic spot of Korea, free from pullution; scores of kinds of Koryo tonic wines, including Wild Insam Liquor, Hawthorn Raspberry Wine, Omija and Blueberry Wine and Boletus Wine, which are favourite with people for their unique taste, fragrance and herbal compositions; and makkolli, Hana Soju and so on full of national flavour.


The factory produces wild honey and different kinds of highly nutritious processed kinds of honey conducive to health and longevity. Scores of processed kinds of honey including cultivated wild Insam honey, Lentinus edodes honey, motherwort honey and Injin wild honey are popular, and the demand for them is daily increasing at home and abroad.

Nutritional Powder

Nourishing substitute for breast milk, milk powder and other kinds of instant powder including the nourishing powder for gruel and seaweed powder for gruel—all good for growth of children—from the factory are fine nourishments for babies.

Koryo Medicines

On the basis of recipes for medicines long regarded as wonder medicines for longevity, the factory produces lots of Koryo medicines using rare animal and plant materials found in primeval forests in Kumgang, Myohyang, Oga and other beautiful mountains. Based on strict quality and hygienic control systems established in compliance with GMP, it makes the medicines according to the DPRK Pharmacopoeia and the national medicine standard. The medicines are making a great contribution to the promotion of people’s well-being.

Teas, oils, confectionary, processed marine products, tinned goods, ceramics