Neck Band, Eye Fatigue Reliever, Knee Joint Band

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The Kumgangsan Trading Company

Neck Band

-          Hypothyroidism and thyromegaly: It helps raise the blood pressure and temperature of the front neck, and remove adenoid tumor. Contraindication: Basedow’s disease.

-          Tonsillitis and laryngopharyngeal inflammation: Be sure to take antibiotics while wearing the band so as to hasten the effect of treatment.

-          Obesity: The thyroid gland of the front neck is stimulated, thus helping hasten the loss of weight.

-          Car sickness: Dizziness in the forehead disappears in five minutes.

-          Cold in early stage: In case of cold in the nose or the head the nose clears up in ten minutes; in case of rough front part of the throat or rough throat the early symptoms of cold disappears in ten minutes.

Eye Fatigue Reliever

-          Indication: Prevention and treatment of computer-caused vision degradation, cataract, glaucoma, optic neuritis, eye bruise, etc.

-          Direction: The reliever can be put on for 10-15 minutes once in the morning and the afternoon respectively to banish fatigue of eyes. To treat cataract and glaucoma it can be put on for 15-20 minutes.

-          Warning: Never put it on for more than 20 minutes.

-             Note: If you put it on when you have eye infections like synaphymenitis it will worsen eye congestion. It is advisable to use it after treating such infections first.

Knee Joint Band (two-piece unit)

-          It is especially good for bursal synovitis.

-          It is effective for edema and pain caused by varieties of gonarthritis including rheumatoid arthritis.

-          It is especially good for speeding up the healing of broken bones and treating chronic osteomyelitis.

Note: Those with osteoporosis caused by use of lots of prednisolone, too much advanced age or long-time shortage of calcium intake had better use the band while taking anti-osteoporosis drugs for six months and calcium agent for long.