Honey from Breeding Bees

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Recognized as“king”of the natural foods from olden times, the Honey from Breeding Bees is a natural product which bees produce by collecting different  kinds of sweet and aromatic materials from all sorts of flowers and processing them with their own enzymes and acids.

Ingredients: The main ingredient of the honey is sugar. Ninety percent of the sugar is polysaccharide and fructose, and subsidiary contents are protein, organic acids, mineral materials, vitamins and enzymes.

Indication: The product protects the spleen and lungs, removes   cough, kills pain, neutralizes poison, and helps evacuate the bowels. It is also efficacious in cases of frail body, weak spleen, dry cough, stomachache, constipation, swollen throat, pains in the throat, frostbite, burns, malnutrition, chronic bronchitis, gastric and duodenal ulcer, bacteria-caused diarrhea, nervous breakdown, weak heart, TB, hypertension, inflammation of the mucous membrane and skin. The wild honey is easily absorbed in both the healthy and frail people, both the old and the young, and its effect becomes evident soon after it is used, hence a marvelous source of energy.

Dosage: 10-30g a day.