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Enterprise Name : Unha Mineral Water Trading Company

The Unha Mineral Water Trading Company was established on March 28, 2007. The company produces Kangso Mineral Water, a sort of natural carbonated mineral water the kind of which is rare to be seen in other parts of the world. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea registered the water as State Natural Monument No. 56, and WIPO did it as a speciality of the country. It is sold to many public service amenities at home and exported abroad.

The company is headquartered in Rungna-dong No. 1, Taedonggang District, Pyongyang.

Based on admirable production and quality control system good enough to ensure domestic sales and export, it regularizes production.

Not inferior to any of the natural mineral waters widely known across the world, the Kangso water has been exported to China, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Kazakhstan and many other countries, and it has won diplomas of excellence at exhibitions held in many countries.

The company is carrying on transactions with its foreign counterparts by means of high quality products and on good credit. It will continue to develop cooperation and exchange with foreign countries on a broader scope.   


Mysterious mineral water specially effective for health and longevity

Pure mineral water without contamination

Unique mineral water that cannot be made artificially

This is the wold-famous Kangso Mineral Water of Korea

Title: Kangso Mineral Water of Korea

Well-known Kangso Mineral Water used by Koreans from olden times is in the Kangso, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Kangso Mineral Water is completely natural carbonic acid water coming out through biotite and micaceous rock layers, the structure of the late Proterozoic era formed hundreds of milion years ago. As it is very effective for health and longevity, Koreans liked to drink it for treatment of various diseases.

There are many kinds of soda water in the world but few with completely natural carbonic acid.

Kangso Mineral Water, pure mineral water without contamination, gushes out from deep underground rock layers by high pressure of natural carbonic acid gas.

It is unique mineral water with tens of kinds of wholesome natural microelements, which cannot be artificially made.

Kangso Mineral Water cleanses tissues and cells of human body.

The association degree of the molecule of Kangso Mineral Water is less than 9 and its kinetic energy is big and its speed is fast. It is absorbed in the stomach and small intestines faster than ordinary drinking water. Therefore, the minerals and microelements in the mineral water are quickly absorbed and in the long run, the water promotes absorption of nutriments in the body.

The mineral and microelements in the water take an easy part in the blood and lymphatic circulation and supply nutriments and minerals to the cells, promotes urination and expedite excretion of gallstone, waste matter, toxic substances and poisonous drugs formed in the course of metabolism in the body.

The water also exerts influence on the main metabolism including protein metabolism, lipid metabolism and sugar metabolism in the human body. So it is very effective in preventing arteriosclerosis, hyperlipemia, diabetes and other diseases concerning metabolism.

Kangso Mineral Water is not only good as drinking water but also greatly effective for treatment and prevention of stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, chronic gastritis, chronic hepatitis, chronic pyelitis and so on. Because of the ideal amount of microelements, it is also good for health of pregnant women and women in childbed and fetal growth.

“ Kangso Mineral Water is wholesome because of the effect of the microelements contained in the water.

A lot of free carbonic acid in the water stimulates mucous membrane in the mouth and gustatory nerves of the tongue, giving a pungent, fresh and pleasant taste. The free carbonic acid also stimulates stomach cells to promote secretion of digestive fluid and enhances the activity of digestive enzymes to increase digestive function.

The amount of bicarbonate ion is a main index that determines the quality of mineral water. Kangso Mineral Water contains 1,200 miligrams per litre, incomparably more than spring water.

It is because of the large amount of bicarbonate ion in the water that Kangso Mineral Water was long known to be greatly effective for the treatment of stomach disorders.

Kangso Mineral Water also contains a harmonious amount of sodium ion, magnesium ion, iron ion, copper, zinc and fluorine ion. So it is considered to be a health drinking water specially effective for supplement of calcium of children and pregnant women and for prevention of softening of bones of old persons.”

Because of its special effect,  Kangso Mineral Water was registered as natural monument № 56, as a speciality of Korea. For its quality, the water draws attention of many countries.

Kangso Mineral Water was awarded an honourable diploma at the Water Exhibition held in Beijing, China in April 2012 under the subject of “Good Water, China”. It was widely introduced to the world as a wholesome natural soda water without contamination through the examination of the SGS or General Society of Supervision of Switzerland and Russian and Kazakh water verification institutions.

In the future,  Kangso Mineral Water will earn its fame as natural mineral water loved by peoples of all countries who love nature and desire to live long in good health, inhaling fragrance of nature.