• Pukchonggang Trading Company
  • introduction
Enterprise Name : Pukchonggang Trading Company

The Pukchonggang Trading Company inaugurated in October 2016 isbased in Pukchong County, South Hamgyong Province, which is one of the country’smajor fruit producers.

The company mainly engaging in fruit production and export has thousands ofhectares of orchards and large-capacity storehouses.

With production put on a scientific, modern and intensive basis, it produces goodquality fruits at a high level.

It has applied scientific cultivation methods to breeding new fruit trees of good species suitable tolocal conditions, and established a manuring system based on hukposan and other organicfertilizers.

In addition, it works to set up a production cycle combining pomiculture with fruitprocessing and livestock farming, and has introduced a dripping irrigation system.

The intensification of the cultivation areas and the enhanced rate of the operation ofthe powered sprays, transport vehicles and other machines are conducive to the boost inper-hectare yield.

The company pushes ahead with the expansion project of processing and storage capacities ona long-term basis with an eye to increasing output.

The portfolio of exported apples includes Pukchong, Ryongjon-2, Aeguk-2, Hwangju,Unryuland Kumgang, each weighing 170-300g in average.

Pukchong, a bluish-red, cone-shaped species, is fragrant and delicious. Ryongjon-2 issweet and tastes fresh. And other species have peculiar tastes and aroma.

These apples are exported to European and Southeast Asian countries, packed incontainers whose net weights are 10kg and 20kg.

The company also processes and exports mushrooms, edible herbs and agriculturalcrops.

It channels great effort into developing new products such as trepang essence.

The factoryʼs main health food,trepang essence is made by extracting the activecomponents of the trapang, known as “sea ginseng”, by an advanced technology.

It won a DPRK patent in 2017 for its high protein contents and efficacy inthe prevention and treatment of vascular diseases.

The company is promoting exchange and cooperation with foreign partners on thecredit-first principle.